Pati Ko Parai Mahila Ya Ladki Se Door Karane Ke Upay

Pati Ko Parai Mahila Ya Ladki Se Door Karane Ke Upay ,” There is so much flexibility in the behavior of almost every boy or man that as soon as he sees a beautiful and attractive woman, he is immediately fascinated by him and goes on his side. It happens in the nature of every man, there will be only a few boys who will be pratakkal by this playful nature. But after the marriage, this nature produces a quarrel between husband and wife. Just as a husband does not want his wife to have a relationship with another person,In the same way, a wife also wants her husband to be her only and she is not caught in the stranglehold of the strangers. Therefore, today we will tell the wives some measures and tricks that will make their husbands just for their sake.

Pati Ko Parai Mahila Ya Ladki Se Door Karane Ke Upay

Whichever wife feels that her husband has become enamored on any other woman, then she has to give her a wash in her bedroom on Sunday. But before giving a wash, take the name of that woman, in which, your husband has forgotten you. You may also wish with full devotion that soon your husband begins to love you again. You must adopt this measure for 1 month ie 4th Sunday.

According to a trick, you can cut off some of her hair after your husband’s sleep at 12 o’clock on Thursday or Friday, and keep them hidden in a place where your husband can not find them. In this way, gradually your husband’s mind will start coming to a halt, it will be an indication of his mistake and he will start to accept your opinion again as before.When you feel that your husband has improved, you take out the hidden hair and burn them and crush with the feet. After this, you also remove his ashes from your house. If women adopt this remedy in their time of menstruation, they get more benefit.

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